Telsolutions are pleased to attend and exhibit at the IRRV Annual Conference and Exhibition 2016 (18th -20th October)

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Telsolutions are pleased to be attending and exhibiting at the 2016IRRV Annual Conference and Exhibition 2016 to be held at the Telford International Centre.

This year Telsolutions will speak on new technology to replace mailed post and give a greater insight into customer behaviour. This new and innovative technology is causing a buzz with local authorities keen to achieve immediate and measurable savings whilst giving the maximum options to customers., use industry experience in revenue and collections to provide automated customer contact services with the latest technology to reduce arrears, collect outstanding revenue and improve income.

Through customer preference using telephone diallers, interactive voice messages, SMS text message, email and new mobile web collections contact can be automated.

Multi-channel blended campaigns make intelligent decisions based on customer action or inaction, creating meaningful staff conversations to improve income and progress case management.

With pressure to improve income, reduce the cost of debt recovery postage and overheads, Telsolutions enables you to collect more debt with very limited resources. No software, hardware is required and the service functions on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.